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By The Loop HK Staff | March 6th, 2021

One of a Kind: To celebrate International Women’s Day this March 8, charity organization Women Helping Women Hong Kong and fashion label S.Nine have teamed up on a photography and video campaign featuring six different Hong Kong women who are contributing back to society in their own unique ways.

Photographed by Joyce Yung, the six women are: Mahnaz Lee (founder of Women Helping Women Hong Kong); Ankie Beilke (actress/model/yoga teacher/mother); Crisel Consunji (actress/singer/educator); Karina Curlewis (yoga teacher/wellness writer); Rachel Fong (educator/mother); and Miyako Kai (editor/author of 週末bt365体育在线投注大人手帖/mother).

When? The campaign will debut on March 8 on Women Helping Women Hong Kong and S.Nine’s social media channels, with one woman being highlighted per day.

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